Scott Wilson


 Scott  is a Canadian, although we're not entirely sure that's why he's so  passionate about life, music, and Red Wings hockey. He's managed to turn  a desire to compile the perfect mixed-tape (now CD, for you age-ists)  into a career. Imagine. Life, he says, comes down to just that anyway. Who knows, maybe you're wrong... again- you should be used to that by now.

He  went to schools, as the law says we all must, and did better than you,  or anyone else who'd gone to college in Florida, ever. This is another  reason why you, almost assuredly, have more friends than he does.  Confoundingly though, he's not interested in those sorts of contests. If  you are, well, you don't interest him.

He's not a very good  tennis player, so there's that, but he does sweat a lot, which can freak  out his opponents... not enough for him to beat them, but enough.


Convinced  of many things, as the truly annoying can be, he mostly doesn't choose  to discuss them, as that can be so tiring, especially with those who  don't understand. Talk about living in the wrong age. Come to think of  it, we're still waiting for that age, aren't we? The best of us are. The  rest are, well, inconsequential, as things go.

His father  raced cars professionally, very successfully. Imagine his  disappointment when Scott's life hinged on The Beatles and Sex Pistols.  There are the Hot Wheels, but we're kidding no one with that nonsense.

All of that aside, he has developed exquisite tastes, in film, music, and we'll not talk about the shoes.


Hockey Team: Red Wings

Food: Orange Peel Tofu

Hot Wheel: VW

Game: Pinball

Favorite Movies

Trois Couleurs: Blue

Cinema Paradiso

Apocalypse Now

Leon the Professional

Ocean’s Eleven (Soderbergh)

Waking the Dead

All the President’s Men

Waiting for Guffman


How to Steal a Million

Electric Horseman

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Favorite Bands

The Replacements


Lloyd Cole

Willie Nelson

The Church

The Wildhearts

Hanoi Rocks

Jesus & Mary Chain

Bob Dylan

Serge Gainsbourg

The Grapes of Wrath/Ginger

Miles Davis