Donna Heckeler


Donna has lived in upstate New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Donna recently received her doctorate in Chiropractics, and is now producing an incredible film. She's much too smart for us simple movie folks, but we try not to hold it against her... too much.

She's long been the envy of the rest of the world, what with her huge biceps and golden tan...well, Inuits shriek at the whiteness of her skin, and the biceps, well, it's like you call a fat guy "slim."

She is sure to encounter those who do envy her though, as she has a tremendously agile mind, and a thirst for knowledge. She is industrious and ingenious--a truly formidable combination.

Sign: Capricorn

College: Pepperdine

Doctorate: Chiropractics

Video Game: Sonic

Favorite Bands

Willie Nelson

Lloyd Cole

The Church

Steve Earle

John Lennon

Jesse Malin

The Sounds

Favorite Movies

The Philadelphia Story

Inherit the Wind

Desk Set

Ocean’s Eleven

How to Steal  A Million

Finding Nemo

Sing Street